Hostgator Discount Coupons October 2014 – Updated

Hostgator Discount CouponsNeed a Hostgator discount coupon for 2014 quick and fast? Here are the latest Hostgator Discounts (October 2014) that are working for the current month. The highest value coupon below is an exclusive discount code specifically for you:

Valid Hostgator Discount Coupon Codes – October 2014:

GATORCRUNCH30   -this high value coupon will lower your invoice total by 30% (valid on all plans for October)

WIPEOUT995   -this promo code’s value is $9.95 (valid on all plans)

COMMONCENT   -this coupon will give you hosting for one cent  in your first month on the baby/hatchling plans

RESELLER25GONE   -this discount coupon will reduce your bill by 25%

When utilizing a Hostgator discount code from the above selection you will need to spend a few minutes deciding how to extract the most value out of these Hostgator discounts. For most people the best way to use these coupons will be to first decide how much you have to spend on web hosting with Hostgator? If you can afford paying for a longer billing cycle then without a doubt you should use the 30% off Hostgator coupon code (GATORCRUNCH30).

However, if you are unable to invest in web hosting for a longer-term but prefer to pay month-to-month then the coupon for you is WIPEOUT995 if you are choosing the business plan, or COMMONCENT if you have decided to sign-up for the baby or hatchling plan.

Why Customers Choose Hostgator?

Besides the amazing Hostgator Coupons that are available here which is a clear benefit there are various other benefits that set Hostgator apart from the competition, here are just a few of them:

  • Brand Equity

Since 2002 when Hostgator was established they have focused on building their brand. Due to this they have become a popular web host as their brand equity has increased over the years. One could say they are a household name. Testament to this is the fact that they host over 9 000 000 domains. To build a brand a company needs to be customer focused and this is what Hostgator have done incredibly well over the last decade. Trust flows from an established brand and customers are not afraid in investing in a company they trust.

  • Stability

Server stability and overall financial stability of a company is essential for the smooth running of the business. Hostgator have delivered world-class server performance over the years and they continue to do this. As such you can be confident that your website will be constantly stable. With that said, you should also realize that every web host will experience technical obstacles from time-to-time which means there will be an odd occasion when your site may be down due to foreseeing circumstances – this is this the nature of the industry.

With regard to financial stability: Hostgator is owned by a company called Endurance International Group (EIG) who are a financially stable entity. This entity has recently partnered with Google to offer help to smaller businesses looking to create a website, and EIG will soon be a listed company on Wall Street.

  • Superior Customer Service

It is essential that any web host offers 24/7/365 support. I have used many hosts over the years and there have been times when I needed support due to an issue with my site and I have had to wait a very long time to receive a response to my ticket. This is really disconcerting for a website owner as you can feel helpless when there isn’t any support on offer at certain times.

With Hostgator you get the support you require via various channels which includes opening a ticket, live chat as well as telephone support which is a feature that sets Hostgator apart. These are just a few of the many benefits you will receive from Hostgator and why customers love them.

How to Take Advantage of Your Chosen Hostgator Discount Code 2014?

All you need to do is copy the Hostgator discount coupon of your choice from the selection above and paste it in the box provided on the Hostgator website. Thereafter click the validate button to secure your discount with Hostgator. The image below illustrates this for you:

Hostgator Discount Codes


Lastly, it should be noted by you that I am a Hostgator affiliate! As an affiliate I receive exclusive Hostgator Discount Coupons to offer readers of this website. These coupons do not in anyway inflate the overall price you pay but on the contrary, by using a Hostgator Discount Coupon Code from this website you will pay far less than others who do not discover this website. I may receive a commission from Hostgator should you decide to use these promo codes. The commission I receive or do not receive is determined by Hostgator’s terms and conditions.